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FabFilter Pro-Q 2: Equalizer plug-in powerfully drilled

That was not all. Spectrum Grab allows you to use the mouse to grab individual level peaks in the spectral analysis curve and move them like the normal EQ filters. Auto Gain compensates for the loudness variations caused by EQing and automatically adjusts the output level accordingly. By "gain scale" you regulate the factor of gain of all bell and cow tail filters in one go between 0 and 200%.

Even more? Please note: "Gain-Q Interaction" combines Gain and Q-factor with each other, as is the case with analog mixing consoles. EQ matching lets you apply the timbre of any source signal (fed via sidechain input) to a new signal. In addition, a polarity reversal has been integrated and a virtual keyboard replaces the frequency scale if desired. In addition there are numerous small optimizations on the interface, an extended spectral analysis and and and.